The 29th International Horticultural Congress | Sustaining Lives, Livelihoods and Landscapes | 17-22 August 2014
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International Scientific Committee

Professor Snow Barlow

Foundation Professor of Horticulture and Viticulture
University of Melbourne

Professor Barlow is convener of the Primary Industries Adaptation Research Network of the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility. He a plant physiologist and horticultural scientist, whose research encompasses plant water use efficiency, viticulture and impacts of climate change on agriculture, water management and global food security.

Professor Dr Zora Singh

Foundation Professor, Horticulture
Curtin University

Professor Dr Zora Singh is currently heading the Horticulture Program as a Foundation Professor of Horticulture in the Department of Environment and Agriculture at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. His research and teaching in horticulture primarily focuses on production technology and postharvest physiology of fruits. His outstanding and original research and teaching contributions in horticulture have been recognised by various prestigious national and international awards.

Professor Dr Jorge Retamales

Professor, Berry Crops Physiology
Universidad de Talca

Jorge B. Retamales’ research is focused on the physiology and breeding of blueberries and strawberries (both commercial and native chilean strawberries). He currently works on the effect of growth regulators, light availability within the canopy, water stress on plant growth and fruit quality on these berry crops.

Professor Dr Yun-tao Zhang

Professor, Beijing Academy of Agriculture and Forestry Sciences

Dr.Yun-tao Zhang has focused on strawberry breeding and germplasm collections as professor in BAAFS since 2000.And he is the chairman of the Strawberry Association of Chinese Society for Horticultural Science,also was the convenor of the 7th ISS that was a milestone for the development of the strawberry industry in the world. He has released 12 new strawberry cultivars.

Mr William Wigmore

Director of Crop Research & Development of the Cook Islands Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Agriculture
Cook Islands

William Wigmore currently is the Director of Crop Research & Development of the Cook Islands Ministry of Agriculture, and responsible for crop production and protection programmes. He is also the focal point for plant genetic resources and represents the country on the regional Pacific Plant Genetic Resources Network.

Dr Ole Callesen

Retired, previously Head of Department of Horticulture
Aarhus University

Dr. Ole Callesen has retired from the position as head of Department of Horticulture, Aarhus University, Denmark. He held different positions and was in charge of transforming the former Ministry Department into a University Department. His research area was fruit crops with focus on fruit tree physiology and orchard systems, management and fruit quality.

Inoke Ratukalou

Director, Land Resources Division
Secretariat of the Pacific Community (LRD-SPC)

Inoke Ratukalou is currently the Director of Land Resources Division of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community. It has been mandated by its 22 Pacific Island member Countries and Territories to provide technical support and advice on how to improve food, nutritional and income security and manage its land, agriculture and forestry resources in a sustainable way. His main area of research is on sustainable land management where the need to match land and land use/ crop types is vital for sustainable agriculture development.

Dr Robert Habib

Head of International Scientific Partnerships
National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA)

Dr Robert Habib is currently the Head of International Affairs at INRA. His primary area of expertise is in the field of ecophysiology and management of temperate and tropical fruit crops. He recently took up this position after more than 5 years seconded to CIRAD as Scientific Director and Head of the Division “Performance of Tropical Production and Processing Systems”.

Professor Dr Jens-Norbert Wünsche

Professor, Section Chair of Crop Physiology of Specialty Crops
Universität Hohenheim

Professor Dr Jens-Norbert Wünsche researches and teaches crop physiology of fruit crops, specializing on plant/ fruit responses under different orchard management and environmental conditions. He is currently chair of the section for Crop Physiology of Specialty Crops at the University of Hohenheim, Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of Horticultural Sciences (EJHS) and Vice-President of the German Society for Horticultural Sciences (DGG).

Dr Sisir Mitra

Professor of Fruit Crops
Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya

Dr Sisir Mitra is Professor of Fruit Crops at Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, West Bengal, India. He is working on the production and postharvest technology of tropical and subtropical fruits, with special interest on mango, litchi and guava. He has chaired technical sessions and delivered lead lectures in 20 International events. He is chairman of the ISHS Section on Tropical and Subtropical Fruits and also Chairman of the ISHS Working Group on Avocado, and the Working Group on Jackfruit and other Moraceae.

Dr. Amanollah Javanshah

Member of Scientific Board
Iran's Pistachio Research Institute

Dr. Amanollah Javanshah is currently the member of the scientific board of Iran’s Pistachio research Institute. His main research area is global warming effects on pistachio orchards. Furthermore, he has strong relationships with private sectors to improve orchard management.

Dr Owen Doyle

Head of Horticulture, Landscape and Sportsturf Management
University College Dublin

Dr Owen Doyle teaches modules on mushrooms and greenhouse crops, potato and field vegetable crops. His research is focused on nutrient recovery from organic wastes and their use in plant growing media. He is a Council member of the Institute of Horticulture, a national delegate to the ISHS Council and an active advocate for Global Horticulture.

Dr. Susan Lurie

Emeritus, Postharvest Science
Agricultural Research Organization

Dr. Susan Lurie is an emeritus researcher in the Department of Postharvest Science at the Agricultural Research Organization, who is still active in research. Her interests have been in ripening and storage of grapes, pome and stone fruits, and the stresses that harvested commodities experience after harvest. She also gives international postharvest courses in various countries.

Professor Luca Corelli Grappadelli

Professor, Tree Physiology
University of Bologna

Professor Luca Corelli Grappadelli is a lecturer, researcher and deputy department head at the Department of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Bologna. He is an ecophysiologist with particular interest in tree/light interactions and fruit growth physiology, instrument development and technology transfer. His main crops are apple, peach, kiwifruit and pear.

Professor Dr Koki Kanahama

Professor, Horticultural Science
Tohoku University

Professor Koki Kanahama is Professor of the Laboratory of Horticultural Science at the Graduate School of Agriculture, Tohoku University, Japan. His area of expertise is in understanding physiological, anatomical & molecular mechanisms underlying the development of fruit, vegetables and flowers. Current research includes flower development of long-day crops such as baby’s breath (Gypsophila paniculata), prairie gentian (Eustoma grandiflorum) and ever-bearing strawberry plants, including molecular cloning and expression analysis of the flowering gene.

Professor Ryutaro Tao

Associate Professor, Pomology
Kyoto University

Dr. Ryutaro Tao is Associate Professor of the Laboratory of Pomology, Graduate School of Agriculture at Kyoto University, Japan. He studies reproduction biology and genetic modification of fruit tree species. He is in charge of international affairs in JSHS and serves as the ISHS council representative for Japan. In the IHC2014, he serves as a convenor for Symposium 4; Impact of Asia-Pacific Horticulture - Resources, Technology and Social Welfare.

Dr Keizo Yonemori

Professor, Pomology
Kyoto University

Professor Keizo Yonemori is a Professor in the Laboratory of Pomology at the Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University, Japan. His research specialty is the genetics and breeding of persimmon. He also works on reproductive systems of tropical fruits such as mango and mangosteen.

Dr Lusike Wasilwa

Assistant Director, Horticulture and Industrial Crops
Kenya Agricultural Research Institute

Dr. Lusike Wasilwa heads Horticulture and Industrial Crops Division of Kenya Agricultural Research Institute; serves as Chair of Horticulture Collaborative Research Support Project and a member of the African Journal for Horticultural Science advisory board. She is a recipient of 3 medals from ISHS for recognition of service in horticulture.

Dr Ki Sun Kim

Department of Horticultural Science & Biotechnology
Seoul National University

Dr Ki Sun Kim is a professor of the Department of Horticultural Science & Biotechnology, Seoul National University, South Korea, since 1988. He served as a Secretariat General of the organizing committees for the IHC2006 and 2008 Asian Horticultural Congress, and was a Vice-President of the Korean Society for Horticultural Science. His research area includes the development of Korea native plants, and growth and flowering control of floricultural crops.

Professor Jung-Myung Lee

Honorary Professor, Horticultural Biotechnology
Kyung Hee University

Professor Jung-Myung Lee served as the president of the 27th IHC hosted in Seoul, Korea in 2006 and as one of ISHS Board from 2002 to 2010. Prof. Lee is currently a member of Korean Academy of Science & Technology. He also conducts research on seed treatment and vegetable grafting with special emphasis on inactivation of seed-borne virus and bacterial diseases in cucurbit vegetables.

Dr Mike Butcher

Technical Manager
Pipfruit NZ Inc
100% Pure Apples from New Zealand
New Zealand

Dr Mike Butcher currently represents the NZ pome fruit sector as their Technical Manager. He is responsible for pome fruit production and crop protection programmes; fruit quality, post-harvest and market access technical advice and input. He also liaises with industry regarding research, food safety and market access requirements. He is an entomologist by training, has previously lectured IPM and has managed private crop protection research organisations.

Dr Ian Ferguson

Chief Scientist
Plant & Food Research
New Zealand

Dr Ian Ferguson is Chief Science Advisor at Plant & Food Research, a world-leading horticulture research organisation. He is also the Departmental Science Advisor of the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries. Dr Ferguson has had a long research career, specialising in postharvest science, plant and fruit physiology, biochemistry and biotechnology, particularly in postharvest physiology of disorders and stress responses, fruit genomics, and more latterly systems approaches.

Dr Sue Gardiner

Principal Scientist/ Team Leader, Mapping and Markers
Plant & Food Research
New Zealand

Dr Sue Gardiner is the scientist leading the Mapping & Markers Team at Plant & Food Research in New Zealand. The team focuses on developing genetic and genomic technologies to assist fruit breeders develop new varieties faster and more efficiently. She is also President of the New Zealand Rhododendron Association.

Dr Roger Harker

Principal Scientist / Science Group Leader - Human Responses
Plant & Food Research
New Zealand

Roger has been involved in research on sensory characteristics and consumer responses to fruit. His research has supported major changes in the incentives paid to growers to produce high quality produce, helped to set targets for fruit breeding programmes, and contributed to the release of new fruit cultivars.

Mr Alistair Mowat

Innovation Leader Sustainability
Zespri International Limited
New Zealand

Mr Alistair Mowat is an Innovation Leader at Zespri International Limited who has led programmes that included improving the taste of kiwifruit, sustainability and more recently biological control of kiwifruit canker. Prior to this he was a scientist in government research organisations were he worked on persimmon and non-destructive assessment of fruit quality. He is currently on secondment to the Ministry of Primary Industries working in their Strategy Team.

Dr Stuart Tustin

Science Group Leader, Crop & Fruit Production Systems
Plant & Food Research
New Zealand

Dr Stuart Tustin is Science Group Leader for the Crop and Fruit Production Systems Group, of the New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Ltd. He is located at the Hawke’s Bay Research Centre, Havelock North, in one of New Zealand’s major fruit growing regions for apples, stonefruit and wine grapes. His main research activities are in temperate fruit crops physiology, manipulation of tree processes to optimise harvest index, fruit development and fruit quality enhancement, intensive planting systems and rootstock effects on tree architecture and function, principally on apples. He is currently Chair of the Orchard and Plantations Systems Working Group of the Fruit Section of ISHS.

Dr Sergie Bang

Director of Research
National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI)
Papua New Guinea

Dr Sergie Bang attained a PhD in Horticultural Science from the University of Western Australia in 1994. In PNG, he has been involved in Production Systems Research in Horticulture in the Highlands and development of value chains for fresh produce since 1995. He has also worked within the National Agricultural Research Institute, Fresh Produce Development Agency and Dept of Agriculture and Livestock, and has conducted research for development in Irish potato, sweet potato and vegetables.

Dr. Violeta Villegas

Regulatory and Stewardship Lead (Cultivation) for Asia Pacific
International Rice Research Institute

Dr. Violeta Villegas is a senior scientist at the International Rice Research Institute in The Philippines. Violy has more than 10 years of regulatory experience in the responsible introduction of GM traits in Asia-Pacific for a private company, plus more than 20 years of research in various aspects of fruit breeding as a Research Professor at the University of the Philippines, Los Banos. She has had collaborative research projects with Australia, Israel and other ASEAN countries.

Mr David Hunter

Scientific Research Organization of Samoa (SROS)

David Joseph Hunter was previously with the University of the South Pacific (USP) Alafua Campus holding senior lecturer positions in Soil Science, Agronomy and Applied Statistics at the School of Agriculture and Food Technology including Acting Head of the School from January 2006-December 2009. He joined the Scientific Research Organisation of Samoa (SROS) in June 2011 as Chief Executive Officer.

Mr Mohammed Umar

Ag. Head of School of Agriculture and Food Science
University of the South Pacific

Mr Mohammed Umar is currently Director of the University Agriculture Farm and Associate Professor and Acting Head of the School of Agriculture and Food Technology in Samoa. Last year, he was also elected as the President of the International Society for Tropical Root Crops (ISTRC) for the Pacific region. He has expertise in applying for funding and managing projects within the Pacific Islands in topics ranging from core agricultural areas to food processing/ value added areas, organic agriculture and floriculture.

Dr Nasser Al-Khalifah

The Director of the National Centre of Agriculture Technology (NCAT)
King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology
Saudi Arabia

Dr. Nasser S. Al-Khalifah is Professor of Agriculture Biotechnology at King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology “ KACST” in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. He received his PhD in 1996 from the University of Nottingham. Dr Al-Khalifah was also trained in agribusiness in both the University of California – Davis and Evansville University, Indiana, USA, 1982-1984. He is leading many research projects in agriculture biotechnology and its application on natural plant resources. Now he is acting Director of the National Centre of Agriculture Technology at KACST and the General Secretary of the Date Palm and Dates League of the Arab world.

Prof. Dr Franci Stampar

Vice Dean of Biotechnical faculty, Chair for Horticulture
University of Ljubljana

Prof. Dr Franci Stampar is full time professor and researcher of fruit growing at the Biotechnical faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He was previously Vice-dean and then Dean of the Biotechnical faculty. His principal areas of interest are advanced fruit growing, fruit plant physiology and fruit plant secondary metabolisms.

Dr Karin Hannweg

Senior Researcher
Agricultural Research Council's Institute for Tropical and Subtropical Crops
South Africa

Dr. Karin Hannweg is a Senior Researcher at the ARC-ITSC specialising in the use of in vitro technologies for the development and improvement of Tropical and Subtropical Crops as well as indigenous South African plants. She is currently President of the Southern African Society for Horticultural Science.

Ms Helen Tsatsia

Director (Acting), Research and Development Department
Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock
Solomon Islands

Helen Tsatsia works for the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) in Solomon Islands (SI). She obtained her postgraduate diploma and MSc. (Applied Science) at Massey University, New Zealand, through the NZAID Scholarship Program. She is the Deputy Director / Acting Director for the Agriculture Research Department. Her other roles includes the SI Project Coordinator for ACIAR PC/2010/090, an Integrated Crop Management Research Project for SI and other Pacific Islands, and Subcoordinator for NARI EU Funded Biotechnology Project on sweet potato and aibika.

Professor Karen Theron

Chair of Department of Horticultural Science
Stellenbosch University
South Africa

Professor Karen Theron is full professor at the University of Stellenbosch, and has been the chair of the Department of Horticultural Science since 2002. Her main research interests are reproductive development in deciduous fruit crops and its subsequent effect on fruit internal and external quality. She is a board member of Citrus Research International, ASNAPP (Agribusiness in Sustainable Natural African Plant Products) and the Research, Development and Sustainability committee of Hans Merensky Foundation and Hans Merensky Holdings.

Professor Dr Jaime Prohens

Professor, Plant Genetics and Breeding
Universitat Politècnica de València

Professor DrJaime Prohensis the current director of the Institute for Conservation and Improvement of ValencianAgrodiversity.Hisresearch deals with the conservation, enhancement, and utilization in breeding of genetic resources of vegetable crops. At present he serves as president of the Spanish Society for Horticultural Science (SECH). Recently, he was awarded the title of Doctor HonorisCausa from the University of Agricultural Science and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca.

Dr Luis Rallo

Professor of Plant Sciences (Pomology)
University of Cordoba

Dr Luis Rallo is Emeritus Professor of Plant Sciences (Pomology) at the University of Córdoba (Spain). His entire career has been devoted to olive growing, focusing his research to olive genetic resources, breeding and reproductive physiology. He was chairman of the Scientific Committee at the IHC 2010.

Dr Lukas Bertschinger

Director of research
Agroscope Changins – Wädenswil Research Station ACW

Dr Lukas Bertschinger is research and deputy director of Agroscope Changins-Wädenswil Research Station ACW, the Swiss national competence centre for sector research in plant production and plant-derived food systems. He is a phytopathologist and physiologist with particular interests in quality improvement and sustainable food systems with a systemic view from genomics to consumers. He teaches horticulture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) at Zürich.

Professor Narong Chomchalow


Dr. Narong Chomchalow holds a Ph.D. in Botany from the University of Chicago. He has published 1000 articles in national and international journals, edited ten journals/newsletters, organized seven ISSH-sanctioned international symposia and edited all proceedings for Acta Horticulturae. He is also the Coordinator of the Pacific Rim Vetiver Network, the Chairman of the International Conference on Vetiver.

Professor Poonpipope Kasemsap

Associate Professor, Horticulture
Kasetsart University

Professor Poonpipope Kasemsap was Chair of the Horticulture Department, and Director of the International Studies Center of Kasetsart University. His research and teaching focus on the effects of climate changes and air pollutants on crop production. Presently, he is Vice President for International Relations at Kasetsart University, a member of International Advisory Board of USAID Horticulture CRSP, and the chairman of the International Biology Olympiad.

Dr Songpol Somsri

Senior Expert in Horticulture
Department of Agriculture

Dr Songpol Somsri is a senior expert in horticulture at the Department of Agriculture. He specialises in plant breeding, plant germplasm conservation, molecular markers and plant production of tropical fruits such as durian, rambutan, Lansium sp., papaya, tangerine, pummelo and mango.

Dr. Heather Barrett-Mold

Chair of the Institution of Environmental Sciences/ Consultant

Dr. Heather Barrett-Mold was Principal and Chief Executive of Pershore Group of Colleges; now a consultant. Heather is primarily an ecologist, specialising in the management of chalk grassland. She is Chair of the Institution of Environmental Sciences and a Past President of the Institute of Horticulture.

Professor Dan Cantliffe

Distinguished Professor, Institute Food & Agricultural Science
University of Florida

Dr. Dan Cantliffe is Distinguished Professor Emeritus and former Chair of the Horticultural Sciences Department at the University of Florida. Presently he is the UF/IFAS County Extension Director in St. Johns County, Florida. His expertise is in the areas of Seed Biology, Protected Agriculture, and BMP’s as they relate to water and fertilizer management.

Dr Ted DeJong

Professor, Tree Crop Physiology
UC Davis

Ted DeJong is a member of the Plant Sciences Department at UC Davis. His research has focused on understanding tree physiological and orchard management factors that control the carbon balance/budgets of fruit and nut trees. He has also directed a prune breeding project since 1985.

Dr Chris Watkins

Professor, Postharvest Science
Cornell University

Chris Watkins conducts a postharvest science research program on quality of fruits and vegetables. His research is focused on the storage quality of new apple cultivars, the effects of postharvest techniques on the nutritional quality of fruit, and investigation into the underlying mechanisms of fruit responses to storage conditions such as temperature, controlled atmospheres (CAs), the inhibitor of ethylene perception, 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP), and the interaction of these factors with the development of storage disorders.

Dr Guijin Yan
Associate Professor, Plant Biology
University of Western Australia

Dr Mandy Walker
Research Team Leader
CSIRO Plant Industry

Mrs Miliakere Nawaikula
Director of Research
Ministry of Primary Industries

Professor Trine (A.K.) Hvoslef-Eide
Professor, Plant and Environmental Sciences
Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB)

Professor Dr Uygun Aksoy
Ege University

Dr Marie Melteras
Vanuatu Agricultural Research and Technical Centre