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Welcome to the 8th International Pineapple Symposium

Sponsored by the ISHS Section Tropical & Subtropical Fruits

The 8th International Pineapple Symposium will be held in Brisbane, Australia as part of the International Horticultural Congress 17-22 August (IHC2014). IHC2014 will include many symposia covering a range of tropical and subtropical horticultural industries. Other symposia on tropical crops which might be of interest to pineapple registrants include papaya, banana & plantain and mango.

Key program dates for registration shown on the right also apply to the pineapple symposium. You can now complete symposium registration and accommodation bookings through the menus to the left.

The pineapple symposium program has now been finalised and will include 2 days of oral and poster presentations and a field tour as follows:

  • Mon 18 August – optional other symposia
  • Tues 19 August – presentations and business meeting
  • Wed 20 August – presentations and posters
  • Thurs 21 August – technical tour
  • Friday 22 August – optional other symposia

In addition, the oral presentations on the mornings of Tuesday and Wednesday will be preceded by plenary sessions of the IHC with special guest speakers.

The technical tour on Thur 21 August will visit a major pineapple growing region in sub-tropical Queensland within 1½ hr of the symposium venue in Brisbane. The tour will include a farm producing for the processing industry, a fresh market farm and a fresh market packaging/marketing facility. Lunch will be provided. It is hoped that all pineapple registrants will be able to join the tour. Please make sure you register for the tour on the tour page of the online registration (click on the registration button on the left to start registration).


Dr Garth Sanewski is a Senior Horticulturist with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry based at Maroochy Research Facility, Nambour, Australia. He has broad experience in a range of sub-tropical tree, vine and plantation crops but has worked principally with pineapple over the last 22 years. He currently has programs in genetic improvement of pineapple with an emphasis on fruit quality and disease resistance.

Keynote speakers

Dr Alain Soler is Head of the Agro-Physiology laboratory at CIRAD in Martinique (FWI). Dr Soler worked for many years in West & Central Africa, subsequently at the CIRAD Research station in Côte d’Ivoire then as head of two 3-year development projects; a World Bank project for the pineapple industry in Ghana, then a European Regional project for the West African ‘export’ pineapple industries. Established in the Caribbean since 2000, he presently develops research projects on environmentally friendly pineapple and banana cropping systems in collaboration with different European and Caribbean universities. The aims of the research are to reduce the use of pesticides, introducing rotation & association crops and increasing the stress tolerance of pineapple and bananas through systemic defenses induced by elicitors and beneficial micro-organisms. Dr Soler will deliver a presentation entitled, Bioprotection of Pineapple in Ecological Cropping Systems.

Dr Roberto Young is Director of Crop Improvement & Breeding, Department of Research, for Standard Fruit de Honduras – Dole. Dr Young, based in Honduras, has responsibilities which include:

  • Leader of the Banana improvement Program for yield and fruit traits.
  • Leader of the Pineapple Breeding Program for fruit quality traits. Dr Young is the breeder of the patented pineapple variety ‘Dole-14’.
  • General Manager of the Commercial Tissue Culture Laboratory with a production capacity of 10 million plants/year.

Dr Young will deliver a presentation titled Pineapple Production on Dole Farms in Latin America.

Dr Frederik Jung-Rothenhäusler has studied hydrology in Freiburg Germany and has then moved to Canada where he graduated from Trent University in Ontario Canada with a MSc in the watershed ecosystems program. His PhD is from Bremen University, Germany in Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS. In 1999 he joined RapidEye and was responsible for the product development work until 2011. Since 2012 he is managing director of ORCA Geo-Services in Germany, a company delivering geo-spatial consulting and implementation of geo-services. Dr Jung-Rothenhäusler is lead author and presenter on the paper Pineapple Information System: Application of Geo-Informatics and Unmanned Aerial Sensing Technology for Efficient Land Use Management.

The Australian pineapple industry extends from the sub-tropics of coastal south-east Queensland to the dry and wet tropics of north Queensland. The industry, traditionally based on the processing market, has changed emphasis in recent years and now supplies over 50% of its production to the expanding domestic fresh market. Production for processing is based on clones of Smooth Cayenne. The variety 73-50 is the main fresh market variety and is sold under various names. MD-2 is popular and small quantities of Aus-Jubilee are also marketed. The technical tour will visit 2-3 farms representing processing and fresh market production within 1 hr 30 min drive of the symposium venue.

The Organising Committee members of the 8th International Pineapple Symposium are:

Garth Sanewski. Convenor. (Dept Agric Fisheries & Forestry, DAFF Qld), Mike Smith (DAFF Qld), Lien Ko (DAFF Qld), Simon Newett (DAFF Qld), Lana Baskerville (GrowCom), Col Scott (Tropical Pines Pty Ltd), Tim Wolens (Heinz Pty Ltd), Chris Doyle (Grower & Industry representative), Michell Hobbs (Grocom).

The organising committee has great pleasure in introducing you to the Scientific Committee of the 8th International Pineapple Symposium.

The Scientific Committee members of the 8th International Pineapple Symposium are:

Garth Sanewski (DAFF Q, Australia), Lien Ko (DAFF Q, Australia), Mike Smith (DAFF Q, Australia), Haroldo Reinhardt (Embrapa, Brazil), Abdullah Hassan (MARDI, Malaysia), Duane Bartholomew (University of Hawaii), Yi Ganjun (Guandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China), Guang-Ming Sun (Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, China), Jingtair Siripanich (Kasetsart University, Thailand), Alain Soler (CIRAD, France), Elmarie Rabi (Institute for Tropical and Subtropical Crops, South Africa), Jorge Gonzales (Senior VP R,D & E, Dole, USA), Reynato Umali (Dole, Philippines).

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